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As Marka School Furniture we manufacture and supply school furnitures, office furnitures, park furnitures, garden furnitures, smart boards, laboratory systems, preschool furnitures, nursery furnitures, library furnitures, amphitheater systems, park garden furnitures, cabinets, bunks, wooden toy groups, metal toy groups, arbors, camelias, school furniture, office furniture, park furniture, garden furniture, smart board, laboratory system, preschool furniture, nursery furniture, library furniture, amphitheater system, park garden furniture, cabinet, bunk, wooden toy group, metal toy group, arbor, camelia, boards, banks, seats, chairs, tables, book shelves, mattresses, fences, teacher tables, board, bank, seat, chair, table, book shelf, mattress.. Although having established in 2009, Marka Okul Mobilyalari is a strong corporation which has given services for long years in furniture industry and has made many projects in different product ranges. Starting its business life with a new vision and identification, company Okul Mobilyalari has got a specific substructure which detect the needs and tendency of industry very well and present solutions for these needs and tendency. Since foundation making lots of projects, Marka is one of the corporations which engage in all kinds of education products. Marka Mobilya continues to be one of the effective companies in this industry with its innovations in a while. Our target as company of Marka Mobilya to meet all kinds of customer demands and provide institutional support and to be the brand in companies which engage in education industry. Our product range consists of schoool furniture, smart boards, laboratory systems, pre-school furnitures and products of educational technology. Besides furniture manufacturing, company MARKA makes the distributorship of smart boards and follows recent developments. We will continue to prepare better conditions for schools with our perfect substructure.



“Ziyagökalp Mah., Süleyman Demiral Bulv., Mall of İstanbul Ofis Bloğu No: 7/E Kat: 17 D: 136, İkitelli, İstanbul, Turkey”

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